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Fisher 10 Camera Dolly
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No need to compromise...

Most popular hydraulic lift beam camera dolly. It is smooth, quiet and easy to use, with a reputation for being well-made and low maintenance. Manufactured from the highest quality materials and components to meet the demanding needs of the filming industry, this stable, reliable Dolly offers operators a wide variety of accessories. The versatile Model 10 also incorporates many features and options.

Max. Lift Beam Elevation 51 ½” (131cm)
Min. Lift Beam Elevation 17 ½” (44cm)
Min. Lift Beam Elevation 3 5/8” (9cm)
Vertical Beam Travel 34” (86cm)
Lift Beam Capacity 200 Lbs (91Kg)
Lifts per System Charge Seven Times
Width-Fully Operat. Steering (Wheel In) 20 3/8” (52cm)
Width-Fully Operat. Steering (Wheel Out) 25 ¾” (65cm)
Height (Operating) 39 5/8” (101cm)
Height (Folded) 23 ¼” (59cm)
Min. Turn Radius (Round Steering) 16 3/16” (41cm)
Min. Turn Radius (Conventional Steering) 33 ½” (85cm)
Carrying Weight 307 Lbs (139Kg)