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The Scubacam range of splash bags are completely watertight Flexible lightweight camera housings for film cameras. They are designed to operate just above or just below the surface of water or in an environment which is extremely dusty or dirty, and give the camera both water and dirt protection, whilst allowing the camera operator access to all the camera and lensfunctions. Each model of the splash bag is made from high quality material that is moulded to fit snugly around the camera and lens. The units are sealed with specialized watertight zips. All metal parts are either stainless steel or anodised aluminium.

Housing New, stronger more durable lightweight material Clear side panels to view all camera, lens and magazine functions Full camera and lens control External start / stop handle Tripod mountable Top flag
Dimensions Length 60 cm, height 36 cm, width 50 cm
Weight 10 kg in air (without camera)
Zips Zip Conforms to the M.o.D. Interim Defence Standard 53-100/1 for sealed zip fasteners.
Operating Temperature 4 degrees C. to +40 degrees C.
Front Port spec. Diagonal 218 mm / 170 mm x 160 mm, 4 mm thick optically flat toughened glass, coated in a non-stick polymer.
Film Speed Maximum 150 f.p.s.
18m External 1x video cable: BNC, 1x power cable: 3 pin XLR, 1x lens control cable: 5 Cable pin Fischer, 1x camera loom control cable: 8 pin Fischer
Leak Alarm 9 volt tone generator
Maximum Depth Up to a MAXIMUM of 2 meters
Lens information Maximum wide angle is 14 mm
Scubacam Air-jet High pressure lens cleaning system. A 3 meter flexible hose is attached to an air tank
Lens Cleaning Pressurised to 200 bar. When the trigger is depressed air shoots out of the 3 nozzles system permanently fixed to the front of the housing, dispersing any water droplets from the front port. (Oxigen Tank did not provided)