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Steady Cam
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The Original Steadycam RIG With Award Winnng Operators.

A spotter, AC for remote control, NTSC video recorder, monitor, long BNC cable, C-stand, AC power supply, Camera & Lenses.

Our award winning steadicam operators, also as your 2nd unit DOP
Have done 100++ local commercials, MTV & Movie feature films.
Have done several Hollywood based feature films.
Have done many TV film spots within Southeast Asia.
Can do high mode, low mode, missionary, Don Juan, steps, stairs & others
Officially trained & certified by CP Hollywood
The Steadicam Rig
All original Steadicam units by Cinema Product LA USA, not just a copy.
Will fly with an Arri 35III, Arricam, BL4s, 435 ES, SR III, others.
Gold series CP springs will support sleds up to 51lbs.
Titanium alloy post, expandable in length.
Comes with the original “Steadi-Mag” 400’ magazine for Arri III or 435 ES.
Wireless remote control of zoom, iris, focus, video out & camera on/off..
Transmitter is equipped with super heterodyne circuit to prevent sudden changes that cause jerky gearing movements.
Comes complete with brackets, motors, actuators, wiring, etc.
Comes with NTSC video assist wireless transmitter and receiver.
Can do on-board or on ground video recording for instant replay.
Uses a Transvideo 6” color LCD screen or high-intensity green CRT.
Micro Left-Right & Front-Back adjustment for perfect balance.
On-board Anton Bauer brick batteries.
Capable of hard mounting on tracking vehicle.